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'Stop Feeding your Cancer' - Dublin doctor shows patients how to beat cancer


Dr John Kelly.

Dr John Kelly.

Dr John Kelly.

A veteran Dublin GP, Dr John Kelly, is showing his patients how they can survive cancer by following a strict diet.

Over the past ten years Dr Kelly has used the diet with his cancer patients, all of whom have beaten the killer disease as a result. 

The details of Dr. Kelly's revolutionary approach are published this weekend in his new book titled Stop Feeding Your Cancer. 

In the book Dr Kelly gives the case histories of half a dozen of his patients who have survived deadly cancers by going on an animal protein free diet (no meat, no dairy produce). 

The link between animal protein and cancer has been known for a decade, but it has been ignored by the medical profession which still relies on surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy to fight the disease.    

Dr Kelly, who heads up a large practise at Sutton Cross on the north side of Dublin, appears to be the first GP to encourage his patients with cancer to try the diet. 

He has kept a detailed record of the results over the past nine years, showing that the diet can switch cancer growth off, reversing it into a dormant state, and effectively cure the patient.   

The visionary Dublin doctor says in the book that cancer specialists are ignoring his data because they are sceptical of a dietary approach which they regard as unreliable "alternative" medicine. 

But Dr Kelly says that his painstaking trial conducted with his own patients is compelling evidence and may change our view of cancer treatment forever.  

The son of a prominent psychiatrist, Dr Kelly studied and worked in Ireland, Africa and the US before setting up as a GP in Dublin more than forty years ago. 

His interest in the science of nutrition led to his personal study of the alternative approach to cancer treatment and his new book.

Stop Feeding Your Cancer; Dr John Kelly; Penthium Press, pbk, 140pp, €11.99

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