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INM photographer Mark Condren captures behind-the-scenes at NYPD in new book

'There are images of heartbreak and heroism and of melancholy and surprising beauty'


BEHIND the scenes coverage of the NYPD in action have been recorded in a new book by Irish Independent photographer, Mark Condren.

The book – which contains more than 100 images – showcases the crime fighting of the New York city cops over a two year period.

It also provides a unique insight into the intelligence work and technology that goes into police investigations.

Speaking at the New York book launch, Commissioner of the NYPD, James O’Neill said “there are images of heartbreak and heroism and of melancholy and surprising beauty”.

“What I like most about these photos is that they capture such a wide array of the many functions of the New York city’s police,” he said.

“Because so much of it might seem routine to us in the moment. Because in that instant, it is sometimes difficult to recognise the gravity of a singular situation or to maybe realise what a positive, lasting effect a simple interaction with a young person in an impoverished neighbourhood might have on that boy or girl,” he added.

On his book, Mr Condren – from Castletownroche, Co. Cork - said “no image could ever capture the scale and breadth of the work they do for New York city”.

“These images have brought me closer to an understanding of what it means to be a cop in the city that never sleeps – I am truly humbled and thankful to have witnessed the commitment of New York’s finest first hand,” he added.

Susan Birnbaum of the New York City Police Foundation said:

“We are proud to support this effort and celebrate the work of the NYPD, and are grateful for the collaboration with Mark Condren who captured so many incredible images.”

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