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Great Arts Quiz 2014 answers and winner

As always it was the picture gallery that tripped you up. Our Christmas Quiz attracted its usual dedicated following and the many nearly correct slew of entries that flooded onto my desk were yet again testament to the nation's cultivation. But some of our artistic images had you baffled with Derek Mahon morphing into Hugo Hamilton, Liz Nugent becoming Mairia Cahill and Monica Bellucci completely confounding many entrants who thought she was either Nigella Lawson or Amal Clooney. Marriage to gorgeous George does not an artistic icon make - she's a human rights lawyer.

And some of you thought that by simply filling in your name and address I'd award you our fabulous prize of a break at lovely Ballynahinch Castle, pictured, in Connemara.

The people at the castle, which was recently voted no 1 hotel in Ireland by the readers of Conde Nast traveller Magazine, generously donated a two night stay for two with dinner, a brace of breakfasts and a boat trip round Roundstone bay for two. This stunning prize goes to David Timlin from Ennis in County Clare. Congrats to him and well done to all who entered.

Film adaptations

1. Nick Dunne and Amy Elliott Dunne 2. Latin phrase 'Panem et circenses' - bread and (circuses) games 3. Animal Rescue 4. Alan Turing 5. Russell Crowe 6. An Imperial Affliction 7. Matthew Scudder 8.Where Rainbows End 9. Pierce Brosnan 10. Peru.


1 Love/Hate 2. Our Few and Evil Days/Howie the Rookie 3. Brendan and Brian Gleeson4. Ballyturk5. Bailegangaire

6. Siobhan McKenna 7. A Girl is a Half-formed Thing8. It's in Irish

9. Underneath 10. The City's 1,100th anniversary

Video of the Day


1. Colin Barrett 2. Richard Flanagan/Tasmania 3. One Day 4. Adolf Hitler 5. She's a chimpanzee

6. Mr Mercedes/Revival 7. World War 2 8. Frank Bascombe 9. Des O'Malley 10. Fathers Come First


1. Dolly Parton 2. Lionel Ritchie 3. AC/DC 4. Hozier 5. I'm Not Bossy, I'm the Boss 6. Vanessa Mae 7. The Gloaming 8. Joni Mitchell 9. Orla Flanagan 10. The Riptide Movement

Multiple Choice

1 a. 55 2 a. Majella O'Donnell 3. b. 1989 4. c. Picasso 5. a. WB Yeats

6. b. Damien Rice 7. a. Hugo Hamilton 8. b. Louis Walsh 9. b. Robin Williams 10 a. Tars, Case and Kipp


1 David Hockney 2. Shia LaBoeuf

3. Red Poppies,Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red 4. The Parthenon or Elgin Marbles 5. Carel Fabritius 6. Duncan Campbell 7. Barrie Cooke 8. Patrick Ireland/Brian O'Doherty

9. The Casino at Marino 10. The LSE Saw Swee Hock Student Centre


1 Star Wars, the Force Awakens 2. It was filmed in real time, over a period of 12 years 3. Philip Seymour Hoffman 4. '71 5. The Graduate 6. Jean-Luc Godard 7. John Michael McDonagh 8. Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie 9. 1968

10. Richard Attenborough


1 Monica Bellucci, 2 Richard Ford 3 PD James, 4 Derek Mahon, 5 Liz Nugent, 6 Enda Walsh,7 Lea Seydoux, 8 Duncan Campbell.

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