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Free Educational Book Collection with the Irish Independent every Saturday


Why do planes have wings? Why do countries have flags and how were the Pyramids built? Starting in the Irish Independent Saturday, September 29th, don’t miss the MacMillan 'I Wonder Why' book collection for children at Tesco.

Ranging from the ancient Greeks and Romans to animals, technology and geography, the I Wonder Why series explains to children how the world works in a clear, exciting way, while colourful cartoons bring it to life. The 17 -part series, with one book free every Saturday at Tesco until December 19, is a highly popular and long-running collection by renowned publishers MacMillan.

Topics include 'I Wonder Why Penguins Can’t Fly,' 'Caterpillars Eat So Much,' 'Romans Wore Togas' and 'Planes Have Wings' among many others.

The second book is I Wonder Why Camels have Humps— the perfect introduction to polar lands, featuring grumpy bears, record-breaking birds, polar pioneers and much more.

Start your collection this Saturday with the Irish Independent at Tesco stores nationwide.

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