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Explosive new book lifts the lid on souring of relations between one-time friends Haughey and Lenihan Snr


Conor Lenihan

Conor Lenihan

Conor Lenihan

Charles Haughey had become "venal" in his last period as Taoiseach and was "pocketing money" for his own ends, his one-time close friend and political ally, the late Fianna Fáil Minister and Tánaiste, Brian Lenihan Snr, believed.

The revelations are contained in an explosive new book on Haughey's political career, 'Haughey - Prince of Power', written by Lenihan's son, former Fianna Fáil TD and Minister of State Conor Lenihan.

Lenihan says his father was in no doubt that Jack Lynch knew of the plan to import arms in 1970 - but that Lynch threw Haughey and others "to the wolves" in order to remain unscathed by repercussions.

The book outlines how, disillusioned after being loyal to Haughey and supporting him through various heaves over many years, Lenihan Snr opted to contest the Presidency in 1990 to exit from Haughey's government.

For the first time the book reveals how Lenihan Snr and former minister Ray Burke in effect double-crossed the then Fianna Fáil leader Haughey during a heave involving party dissident Des O'Malley. He and Burke offered O'Malley their support for the leadership at a future time if he would let the challenge go.

What follows below are extracts from the book, which is published by Blackwater Press.

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