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Attention all teenage bookworms: Here are three must-read books for this mid-term

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Jack Murphy

The mid-term break is just a few days away and with that comes no school, no work and, possibly, a lot of boredom.

Whether you’re a seasoned bookworm or someone who just wants something to do, here are a few books that you should definitely consider picking up and reading over the midterm.

1. Skulduggery Pleasant

Written by Derek Landy, Skulduggery Pleasant is a long series of books that revolves around a Skeleton Detective who uses magic to save the world with his partner, Stephanie Edgley. From that synopsis, I’m sure most of you have shrugged this off as a strange, childish book. Many of the readers will assure you there is so much more to it.

Skulduggery Pleasant is packed full of quick, witty humour, an incredible story and a mystery around every corner. Once you pick it up, it’s very hard to put it back down. The story will suck you in, and curiosity and interest won’t let you leave so soon.


The story follows the adventure of young Stephanie Edgley, who after her uncle's death, is exposed to the world of magic that has been hidden from her for her entire life. She meets with Skulduggery Pleasant; a charming, charismatic, quick-witted detective, who is also a skeleton that can use magic. Together, they go on to solve mysteries, and occasionally save the world.

The long story quickly turns dark as you progress through the series; you will be filled with anticipation as you wonder what will happen next as the plot deepens itself. It will leave you gripping the book with excitement and fear.

It is truly an experience worth trying for yourself.

Teenagers all across Ireland would recommend Skulduggery Pleasant to all people of their age group.

2. The Gemini Effect

The Gemini Effect is one of the more intense and dark books on the shelf. Written by Chuck Grossart, it is a gripping story of an Apocalyptic event that takes place on modern day Earth after a deadly virus, created as a result of genetic experimentation in World War II, begins spreading across America infecting animals and humans alike turning them into mutated, mindless creatures.

The story doesn’t fail to make the reader feel a sense of absolute dread, as the plot becomes increasingly more hopeless as the disease fights against the humans.

The story mainly focuses on two subplots: Carolyn’s side, a biological expert who is struggling to understand this disease and how to combat it, and the President of the United States, President Smith, who desperately tries to keep America from falling apart at the hands of this devastating virus.


As the plot progresses, we see how America unfolds and falls in to utter chaos, as the disease grows to be stronger and stronger, mercilessly tearing through large cities, leaving no one in its wake. It is truly a desperate, yet amazing story, that leaves the reader breathless as they realize how little chance humanity has at surviving this world destroying pandemic.

This book is definitely a must read to all teenagers over the age of 13, due to strong language and an unsuitable plot for any younger readers.

An excellent young adult novel, written by John Green, we follow the story of Quentin Jacobsen, a boy who likes to keep to himself, and has a small comfort zone. We see him fall desperately in love with Margo Roth Spiegelman, an adventurous girl who lives next door to him.

Over the years, the two become close, with Margo taking Quin on several adventures and journeys with her. As they become older, they grow to be distant, as Quin focuses on becoming a doctor, while Margo starts to go on more daring and ludicrous adventures, such as leaving town for weeks unannounced. However, she would always return.

However, after one of Margo’s scandalous adventures, on which she takes Quin with her, she is noticed to be missing the following morning.


Being Margo, they assume she will return within a few days, but after weeks, there is no sign of her. The remainder of the book focuses on Quin and his friends, Ben, Marcus, and Lacey, searching for clues that they believe lead to where Margo has run away to.

The story has a charm to it that makes the reader want Quin to find Margo as he travels across America.

What makes him such a beloved character is his determination. He is extremely devoted to finding his childhood love interest. The plot is full of witty humour and is very easy to become engrossed with the characters.

A great book for all teenagers over the age of 13 to sit down and read.

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