Monday 23 October 2017

Batman packs pow-erful punch as Gotham comes to town

Karel Simons as
Robin and Nick Court as Batman,
pictured on stage at the 02 in Dublin
Karel Simons as Robin and Nick Court as Batman, pictured on stage at the 02 in Dublin
Kaylem (8) and Aoibheann O'Rourke (5) from Carrickmacross
Broadcaster Ray Foley and his wife Kate Carolan
John McColgan and Moya Doherty

Mark Hilliard

HOLY franchise, Batman -- it's the latest craze in comic book capers and it came to an Irish stage last night.

'Batman Live' -- supported by the Irish Independent -- arrived in Dublin with a crime-fighting cache of Ka-Blams and a generous portion of Pow-Zaps!

Just when it became safe to go back to the cinema, a new rash of masked crime-fighters appears to be heading for the stage.

First Spider-Man swung into Broadway and now it's the caped crusader and his entourage of cackling crime bosses: the Joker, the Penguin, Two Face and pretty much any evil genius they can fit on the stage. There's even a brand new Batmobile.

At the O2 last night, the buzz surrounding Batman and Robin's Irish stage debut was palpable.

"It's like a comic coming to life," explained executive producer Nick Grace, the man responsible for bringing 'Mama Mia!' to Ireland.

"It's got a 100ft video wall, it's got the Batmobile, it's got all your favourite characters and amazing fight sequences."

The stage production is part rock concert, part theatre, with an added dash of acrobatics.

"This is supposed to work very well," said Riverdance director John McColgan, no stranger to the ingredients of a successful stage show.

"Spider-Man (in New York) had a very hard time because they had to close it down and reopen but it's so much harder on stage than in the movies."

'Batman Live' runs at the O2 until Saturday with tickets costing from €23 to €44.20.

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