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Author Jennifer Egan tweets her new story


Jennifer Egan

Jennifer Egan

Jennifer Egan

Pullitzer prize-winning author Jennifer Egan has written her latest story in handy Twitter-sized chunks of 140 characters or fewer - and it's being serialised on the @NYerFiction twitter account.

Some authors have a dismissive attitude towards Twitter - Jonathan Franzen called it "the ultimate irresponsible medium" - but Egan seems happy to embrace the social-networking site.

Egan had submitted her story to the New Yorker but suggested to fiction editor Deborah Treisman that the 8,500 word story, called Black Box, might work being tweeted in the installments.

So the New Yorker Fiction account has been tweeting lines from the story between 8 and 9 pm every night for 10 straight nights. A summary of the tweeted text is also available on the magazine's website after the Twitter account has stopped tweeting each night.

Egan, the author of A Visit from the Goon Squad, recently suffered a hacking attack on her Twitter account and her tweet to launch the story project said on 24 May: "I owe you all something more than spam! @NYerFiction will tweet my new short story, "Black Box," for 10 nights, starting at 8pm EST tonight".