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A question of culture: Aisling O'Sullivan Actress


Aisling O'Sullivan in the world premiere of Marble

Aisling O'Sullivan in the world premiere of Marble

Aisling O'Sullivan in the world premiere of Marble

Aisling O'Sullivan gives her verdict on her favourite country and her funniest moment on stage.

The best stage production you've ever seen?

King Lear directed by Richard Eyre at the National Theatre in London. The performances of Ian Holm and Michael Bryant as the King and his Fool were unforgettable; the relationship they created was heartbreaking.

Strangest funniest experience you've had on stage/behind the scenes?

In a play I performed in London I played a poet and a close friend of a royal family. Towards the play's climax, I discovered the King and Queen, offstage, had committed suicide and I then had to stumble on stage, and, in grief and shock, announce to the children that their parents were dead. However, when I arrived on stage I was greeted by the sight of the actress who played the princess standing before me in a stocking cap (a flesh-coloured nylon cap to make the actor look bald). Somehow the actress's magnificent wig had been pulled off accidentally by one of the princes and she stood before me in all her bald glory. I did my best to announce the tragic news, but I'm afraid the poet in me that night seemed to find the tragic news hilarious.

Last film you saw and loved?

The Hunt. It's about an innocent man who is accused of being a paedophile in a small community and how the lie seems to become the truth, and the consequences of that to him, his family and the community. It was very thought-provoking and intelligent, as well as beautifully directed and acted.

Last film you saw and hated?

I didn't hate this film but I did walk out of it. It's called Leviathan, a documentary about a night on a working fishing trawler. My grandfather Daniel was a fisherman in Kerry, so I was looking forward to getting an insight into what his life was like. The filmmakers attached cameras to various parts of the boat. I left halfway through because – sad as it sounds – I felt seasick. Sorry granddad.

Favourite website?

www.ted.com. Have a look, I doubt you'll be disappointed. It really does have ideas that are worth spreading.

Favourite city/country?

Athens, Greece. My brother lives there and I enjoy its history and culture and hustle and bustle. On the night of the August full moon, they open the Acropolis and you can visit and see it in the evening light. It is magical.

Favourite food/restaurant?

Nick's Steak and Seafood Restaurant in Killorglin, Co Kerry. The food is wonderful. Nick Foley cooks and Anne Foley is a fabulous hostess.


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