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May 2020

HEAD IN BOOKS: O'Connor says he is used to solitude as a writer but he feels the pain of others for whom lockdown is a trial. Photo: ERIC CABANIS/AFP/Getty Images

Caroline O'Donoghue: 'There is something universally relaxing about listening to a good reading voice' Gallery

Anger games: Suzanne Collins' decision to focus the prequel on Snow met with criticism from some fans Gallery

In his autobigraphy Groundwork it is about as close as you'll ever come to figuring out who the real Paul Auster is.

Amity Gaige Gallery

Iron fist: Vladamir Putin Gallery

Really bad timing  ... crime writer Liz Nugent’s new novel 'Our Little Cruelties' came out on Thursday March 12 and the bookshops closed on the Saturday but it still topped the best-sellers charts

Ronan Farrow Gallery

Mitch Albom

The Switch

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