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Blood-soaked ending to fifth series of Luther

The series, comprised of just four episodes, concluded on Friday.


Ruth Wilson as Alice Morgan in Luther. (Des Willie/BBC)

Ruth Wilson as Alice Morgan in Luther. (Des Willie/BBC)

Ruth Wilson as Alice Morgan in Luther. (Des Willie/BBC)

The finale of the fifth season of Luther has ended with the arrest of the dangerous detective and Alice Morgan falling from a lethal height.

Morgan, obsessed with DCI John Luther, ambushed the police officer and his partner after they apprehended the masked killer who left a trail of bodies throughout the series.

DS Catherine Halliday was shot in the head by Morgan, who proceeded to fire several bullets into her one-time lover Luther as he began a desperate final chase.

Morgan then forced her own fall from a potentially fatal height before a vengeful DSU Schenk – wrongly thinking Luther had been killing off police officer – arrested the wounded detective in a climactic final scene.

Hitman Mr Palmer was killed of by his financier George Cornelius, who opted for peace over continued tit-for-tat violence.

But the gangster was quick to frame Luther when his house was targeted in a dual raid by both Morgan and Schenk’s armed units.

Luther’s own dishonesty provoked the wrath of Morgan, who reappeared intent on killing the object of her love.

She took her revenge just moments after Jeremy Lake was beaten and detained in the house he had turned into a macabre murder scene.

Luther broke the resolve of his wife Vivien Lake in an interview, bringing and end to the couple’s murderous arrangement that had run through the series.

Main characters Silver, Halliday and Morgan all appear to be victims of the latest series of Luther.

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