Wednesday 26 June 2019

Billy Bob's bloody memory

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie

Sarah Caden

There are actions of our youth that we would prefer to forget: embarrassing stuff, crazy stuff, stuff that we'd die if our kids got up to.

Now that she's the world's No1 earth mother, it's possible that Angelina Jolie would prefer to forget the years of kissing her brother at the Oscars, dabbling in drugs and, of course, the vials of each other's blood that she and ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton wore.

That last one, that's the youthful escapade that Angelina just can't escape, and it doesn't help when it's the ex who resurrects it.

Last week, Billy Bob talked about how, during their three-year-marriage, Angelina came home with two lockets and a razor blade. The locket was the kind in which you'd put "a picture of your granny," said Thornton, and Angelina thought it would be romantic to slice their fingers, smear the lockets with blood and carry them while they were apart on movie sets, which they were at the time.

Not for everyone, and far from what Angelina considers romantic now - think drawings by your six kids on your wedding dress - but out there in a youthful way.

Angelina was, after all, only 20 when she met Billy Bob on the movie Pushing Tin, and 25 when they married in 2000. It's far in the past, and, probably, Angelina would prefer it stayed there. "It was a crazy time," said Billy Bob last week. "And I've never been fond of it." Fond enough to resurrect it though, when his ex might prefer that he didn't remind us.

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