Saturday 14 December 2019

Bethany Platt’s secret comes out in Corrie

Corrie fans hope the stripping revelation does not wreck Craig and Bethany’s relationship.

Lucy Fallon is seen as Bethany, looking upset in scenes in the soap
Lucy Fallon is seen as Bethany, looking upset in scenes in the soap

By Julia Hunt, Press Association Entertainment Reporter

Coronation Street fans were left hoping Craig stays with Bethany after he found out she is secretly stripping.

Bethany (Lucy Fallon) was rumbled when Craig (Colson Smith) was called to Tassels club on police business after a dancer said she had been assaulted.

He was stunned to see Bethany worked there, and asked her to quit.

However, Bethany, who is still recovering after being groomed by evil Nathan, insisted he should support her choices.

“You are just trying to control me like Nathan did!” she snapped.

Viewers of the ITV soap had mixed feelings, with many saying they were on Bethany’s side.

One person posted on Twitter: “Bethany’s right. She might not be going about it the right way but she thinks she’s in control and Craig telling her to quit takes the control away. He was wrong to do that.”

Another said: “#Corrie I see it from both Craig and Bethany’s sides but mostly Bethany’s. While the job is demoralising, it’s about time Bethany is happy and gets some control for once.”

But others felt sorry for Craig.

“Poor Craig he’s a lovely bloke,” tweeted one viewer.

“Poor Craig, only trying to look out for Bethany,” pointed out another.

One said: “I feel sorry for Craig and Bethany… like I understand that she wants to feel wanted and loved but she has Craig… if she thinks her ‘job’ is more important than a potentially serious relationship with someone, then she needs to sort her priorities out!!”

Fans are now worried that the couple’s romance is doomed.

“@itvcorrie Great Double episode tonight. @lufallon & @colsonsmith were both amazing, I hope this doesn’t break Craig & Bethany apart!” said one.

Coronation Street continues on ITV.

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