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Barfly: The Foggy Dew

An L-shaped warren adjacent to the Central Bank, The Foggy Dew styles itself as a "charming blend of old-world tradition" and a "contemporary atmosphere".

Or, to put it another way, the gnarly dark wood interior has been largely unchanged for decades while the clientele skews towards leather-jacketed 20-somethings.

Less positively, there's a distinct whiff of Hard Rock Cafe 'rawk' bar, with framed posters of Bob Marley etc gazing stoically down on punters through the perma-gloom (this is one of those pubs for which the term 'dimly lit' is absolutely appropriate), while the soundtrack veers from heritage rock to grunge to 90s indie.

If you've been holding out for a boozer where there's a better than average chance of hearing Thin Lizzy and Stone Temple Pilots back-to-back, then all your Christmases have arrived at once.

Cosy without being pokey, The Foggy Dew seems to be pieced together from an endless supply of crannies and nooks so that, no matter how busy it is, there always appears to be just about enough space for you to snuggle into.

Do try and make sure you are young(ish) and (very vaguely) stylish, though. Otherwise, you'll stick out like a concrete mixer parked in front of the Dail.

In the glass: Pint of stout €4.60, pint of lager €5

On the stereo: Indie rawk

At the bar: Student types

And? There is live music every Sunday — which may or may not be a recommendation

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