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Barfly: Jasmine Bar

If there's a hospitality industry equivalent of a Star Trek cloaking device, they surely have one installed in the bowels of Brooks Hotel. Tucked discreetly away at the St Stephen's Green end of Drury Street, this self-styled boutique establishment does a pretty uncanny job of swooping beneath the radar. You could troop past a hundred times without noticing it was even there.

No surprise, then, that the ambiance at Jasmine Bar is so understated as to almost constitute an odd passive aggression. Low lighting, plain décor, meticulously discreet service -- it's like a scene from one of those 70s romantic comedies where the male lead goes to heaven and ends up talking to God in a white-walled piano bar.

A few years ago, when many of us were living life at 100kmh, this might have seemed horribly dreary. Not any more. For anyone sick of shoving their way to the bar or being forced to speak over an earbleedingly loud Lady Gaga remix, the howling calm is, in fact, a godsend.

For whiskey aficionados, there is an added benefit: Jasmine boasts one of the capital's best ranges of malts. Oh, and at weekends, they have a chap in to stroke the ivories. Set phasers to yum.

AT THE BAR: Men in suits enjoying a surreptitious sup

IN THE GLASS: Pint of stout €5.10, pint of lager 5.30

ON THE STEREO: Smoove jazz

AND? Complimentary wi-fi — huzzah!

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