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Barfly: Harry's on the Green

The huge, framed print of the Manhattan skyline adorning the lobby tells you exactly what sort of bar you are about to enter.

Seeking to add a dash of big-city sophistication to a stretch of Dublin curiously short on must-visit bars -- Sinnotts is fine but it helps if you like 'the rugby' -- Harry's makes a great to-do about its state-of-the-art cocktail menu (which apparently stretches to 90 different concoctions, as well as the city's largest selection of American bourbon).

Those who prefer their drinks unaccompanied by novelty miniature umbrellas will more likely be impressed by this recent opening's wide-open spaces, high ceiling and speak-easy decor. In previous incarnations, as Major Toms and Down Under, the cellar establishment was hard to feel much warmth towards, resembling, as it did, a Hard Rock Cafe minus the intimacy, class and charm.

On a grainy January afternoon it seemed considerably more comfortable in its new skin. The staff were helpful almost to a fault, the tinkling jazz in the background struck just the right tone, and dim lighting gave the room what it always lacked -- a decent ambiance.

Will we be back? Sure -- if you're stumping up for the cocktails.

IN THE GLASS: Pint of stout €4.50, pint of lager €4.80

AT THE BAR: Tourists, the cocktail set

ON THE STEREO: Tinkling piano

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