Sunday 17 November 2019

Barfly: Fitzgerald's

22 Aston Quay, D2

Stepping into Fitzgerald's is probably as close as you can come to feeling as if you are abroad whilst still in Dublin. Dimly lit, with high stools and a dark teak finish, it is a dead ringer for those vast 'Irish' bars cluttering midtown Manhattan. The clientele, meanwhile, is a strange mix of salty Dub, many chugging alone, and Continental tourists weighed down with paraphernalia from the Carroll's next door.

Long and narrow, with an expansive lounge to the back, the place is unquestionably an anomaly in the capital's pub land. Within spitting distance of O'Connell Bridge for visitors to the city, it probably represents an obvious stopping off point. Among natives, though, it is one of those pubs you could pass 100 times without even noticing it exists.

Certainly, management appear to know which side their toast is buttered. At weekends, there is a hearty play for the tourist market, with live music Thursday to Saturday (food is served until 10pm seven nights a week). However obvious, the formula unquestionably works -- fluttering proudly behind the bar, Fitzgerald's branded T-shirts are testament to the establishment's popularity.

With its cosmopolitan clientele and Shamrock-tinged whimsy, an evening in Fitzgerald's comes strangely close to spending St Patrick's Day in New York.

We're not sure if that's a recommendation, but it's a fact, all the same.

IN THE GLASS: Pint of stout €4.45, pint of lager €4.95

AT THE BAR: Middle-aged men looking through the racing results, giggly Continentals


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