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Bar Fly: Café Lafayette

We've lost count of how many bars and nightclubs have come and gone through the site now occupied by Café Lafayette. On the apex of O'Connell Bridge and Westmoreland Street, the location seems to operate under some sort of curse.

This hasn't put off the owners of Café Lafayette, a café-bar fizzling with personality. Cleaving to super-pub stereotype, the music is just a tad too insistent if you're the sort who wants to snuggle up with a novel and a pint; and the prices, for specialty brews at least, have a distinctly 'before-the-fall' cast. Booze-barns seldom have much of an individual streak -- to its credit Café Lafayette tries its best with eye-grabbing wall hangings.

Still, it remains very much in the teething phase. Upon ordering a lager your correspondent was told the barman would dispatch it to his seat. After 10 minutes we had to return to order again, having been blanked by a second staff member. The way the pub trade is at the moment, it's the little things that count.

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