Wednesday 20 November 2019

Whatever your red heart may desire - Top US hotel launches 'emoji room service'

Hotel guests will now be able to use emojis on their smart phone to order room service
Hotel guests will now be able to use emojis on their smart phone to order room service
There is no end to the possible combination of emoji combinations in relation to room service

Sarah-Jane Murphy

As smart phones continue to increase their influence on our daily lives, a new phenomenon called 'emoji room service' is now available in selected hotels in New York.

Aloft Hotels have launched a service called 'Text it, Get it' (TiGi for short) in an effort to further 'modernise' a guests experience.

The process is foolproof - in each hotel room there is a menu featuring six emoji related services that a guest can order.

Once the customer has selected their desired package, they text the emojis, in sequential order, together with their surname and room number to hotel management.

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Within 'minutes' the selected services will be delivered.

"Our guests can now talk to us like they talk to each other," Paige Francis, vice president of global marketing for Starwood Hotels, told website Mashable.

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Emoji menu items include the "The Hangover" which requires guests to text the water droplet, pill and banana emoji.

Upon receipt, hotel room service will bring you vitamin water, painkillers and bananas.


At present the emoji room service is only available at Aloft's Manhattan Financial district hotel, but it could soon expand to Europe, Asia and the rest of the U.S.

"There's a social vibe in the Aloft experience combining with tech innovation.

"It's a natural fit for us. We're really excited about this launch," Francis said.

The sky is the limit it seems!

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