Saturday 24 August 2019

WATCH: You're so vain - 'Selfie Rat' uses sleeping man's camera phone to strike a pose

The rat sniffed the phone camera lens
Credit:Don Richards
The rat sniffed the phone camera lens Credit:Don Richards
The man awakes, jumps to his feet and tries to shake the rat off his person Credit:YouTube/Fox News

Sarah-Jane Murphy

Meet 'Selfie rat', the rodent who leaves 'Pizza rat' and 'Spaghetti' rat in the shade in terms of sophistication.

Visitors to NYC, tourist Don Richards and his friend were at President Street subway station in Brooklyn when they noticed a man fast asleep, lying on the subway platform.

They then observed Selfie Rat approaching the snoozing man and brazenly climbing onto his jumper, sniffing as he went.



Presumably. the slumbering man felt the weight of the rodent's body on his chest and woke up with a start.

As he registered what was going on his mobile phone dropped and inadvertently took a picture of the inquisitive rat and he sniffed the camera lens.

The flash seemed to startle the rat and he scarpered, possibly heading off to take another selfie a different location in the Big Apple.

The hilarious footage was filmed by Don Richardson and his friend and has gained worldwide notoriety.

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