Tuesday 24 September 2019

Watch: Robber foiled during world's worst attempt to steal a bike

Clare Cullen

A man was foiled mid-attempted theft as he tried to steal a bike in what could be described as the most ineffective way possible.

The man spotted a number of bikes hanging from a canopy outside Woodinville Bicycle near Seattle on October 29th and decided to attempt to take one.

The bikes were donations for the Village Bicycle project and are stored in front of the shop, hanging under a canopy. He attempted to remove one from it's locks for seventeen minutes before a police car pulled up and the culprit ran away.

During his seventeen minute tyrst with the bike, the man tried using a ladder and stool to reach the bikes and attempting to pull them down with his weight by swinging from the wheel - although that may have been due to a ladder slip.

The shop posted the footage on their YouTube account and updated fans three days ago, saying "he was caught".

On the bright side, the attempted theft proved great publicity for the shop and the cause. The CCTV video has gone viral and the website for the Village Bicycle project has crashed.


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