Thursday 18 April 2019

WATCH: Dad gives his adorable toddler the beginner's guide to 'Norn Irish'

Meadhbh McGrath

Meet adorable two year-old Rosie Totton, who was born and lives in Australia.

Her dad Kevy Totton is from Co. Armagh and he decided to give his daughter a beginner’s guide to ‘Norn Irish’.

After greeting viewers with “hi boy”, little Rosie practices some local phrases, including “what’s the craic” and “dead on”.

Kevy (31), now based in Echua, Victoria in Australia, was keen to teach his daughter a few of the colourful lines from home.

While she’s more than happy to engage in a hilarious “your ma” battle with her dad, the tot struggles gleefully with some of the longer phrases.

After her dad asks her to repeat “wind your neck in”, Rosie can only mumble along with delight.

She also has a go at Northern Irish pronunciations of household objects like the “mirror”, before leaving viewers with an enthusiastic “Cheerio!”

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