Sunday 22 September 2019

WATCH: Crew of L.E. Samuel Beckett blame it on the boogie in support of Movember

Sarah-Jane Murphy

This video is absolutely guaranteed to give you that Friday feeling.

These Irish Naval Service lads have obviously put in a huge amount of practice in order to deliver such a polished performance.

Their impressive efforts are in support of Movember with all funds raised going to Cancer Research and Mercy Hospital Cork.

The crew of the L.E. Samuel Beckett have also been working on their 'taches for the last few weeks it seems, as the facial hair showcased in the video is most impressive.

Singing along enthusiastically to "Yes Sir I Can Boogie" by Baccara they perform their daily tasks aboard the ship - moustached men prepare food in the kitchen, man the guns on the ship, work on the ship's bridge and carry out the cleaning chores while sporting yellow rubber gloves.

Some crew members sporting Magnum PI style moustaches are filmed sitting on the loo reading a newspaper - ewww.

We dare you not to smile while watching this.

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