Thursday 5 December 2019

WATCH: Bill Gates dancing at the Windows 95 launch is still the best thing on the Internet

Bill Gates at the Windows 95 launch.
Bill Gates at the Windows 95 launch.

Sasha Brady

A video of Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, awkwardly dancing at a press conference to launch of Windows 95 has resurfaced on the Internet - much to the delight of people everywhere.

21 years ago, amid great hype and a US$300 million marketing campaign, Microsoft launched its new operating system Windows 95.

The release was a massive success. Microsoft sold seven million copies within the first five weeks of its launch and Windows 95 quickly became the number one operating system on the market.

As thrilling and as innovative as that was, nothing will eclipse Bill Gates' dance at the press conference - not even Microsoft's introduction of the now-iconic Start button, the task bar and a support for filenames up to 250 characters (hard to believe now but the release of these new features was huge deal at the time).

The video has been shared on YouTube and is gaining traction again as people tune in to watch Gates' incredibly happy and awkward celebratory dance performance.

To be fair, the Microsoft founder probably couldn't hear the music over the 'ca-ching' sound in his head as he realised he was about to become the richest man on the planet.

Gates now has a net worth of $79.2 billion (€70.1 billion).

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