Tuesday 20 August 2019

Want to get featured in Times Square in an ugly Christmas jumper? Here's how

Clare Cullen

Fiverr.com are giving people the chance to be featured in Times Square - albeit in cartoon form, wearing a horrible Christmas jumper.

The website, which allows people to buy and sell 'gigs' for a fiver, is offering the 'gig' of a lifetime to anyone who doesn't mind their cartoon form being drawn wearing an ugly Christmas jumper.

Users joint the 'Sweater Party' by buying a gig from a number of featured artists who will draw the user in cartoon form, wearing the offending garment. Users then share the image on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #SweaterParty and their illustration could be broadcast in Times Square on Fiverr's digital billboard for all to see.

Join the Sweater Party here.

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