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WATCH: Heartbreaking moment dying chimp recognises long-time human friend



Mama recognises Jan van Hooff

Mama recognises Jan van Hooff

Mama recognises Jan van Hooff

This is the emotional moment a terminally ill chimp recognises her long-time human friend who came to visit her one last time.

Mama was 59 years old and dying of old age when she received a visit from Jan can Hoof, professor of behavioural biology at Ultrecht University.

Mama was the matriarch of the famous chimpanzee colony of the Royal Burgers Zoo in Arnhem, the Netherlands, and Jan was the co-founder of the Burgers colony.

The video shows Jan visiting Mama, who took a while to realise he was there.  But when she did she was extremely happy and even took some food from her old friend even though she had stopped eating.

The moving video was filmed over a year ago, but has been gaining traction online this week.


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