Thursday 17 October 2019

WATCH: Following a stroke, this gentleman got the chance to play music again... thanks to the help of his friend

Sasha Brady

A Tipperary Day Centre for the elderly released a heartwarming video of two gentlemen.

The post read: "This is extraordinary! The gentleman on the left is Peter Fahy and following a stroke he lost the use of his left side, and his speech was badly impaired.

"Peter is a keen musician, who felt he had lost everything. The gentleman on the right is Stefan Grace, who is completely blind and a lovely musician. On his return to Cahir Day Care Centre, we ensured that Peter got to sing and play guitar once more.'

Lil Davis from the Cahir Day Centre explained to that that prior to his stroke, Peter "always sang and joined in the music at Cahir".

Thanks to the help of Stefan, his confidence in his ability to play music has greatly improved.

Both men, who are in their sixties, are regular service users at Cahir Day Centre. Lil said that being able to play music again has enhanced Peter's quality of life.

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