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Watch: Bride levitates groom during 'magical' first dance

A magician's bride 'put a spell' on him during their first dance and husband and wife.

Justin Wilman is an American magician and together with his new wife Jillian, made sure his guests had a magical time at their wedding.

During their first dance, Jillian successfully performed a levitation trick on the magician, to the assembled guests delight.

In particular, one guest in the background can be seen jumping up and down in amazement - Justin's Dad.

The couple had two viral videos come from their wedding - last week, they posted their 'Drunk History' version of how they met to two million views. The video of their first dance has so far racked up over six million.

Wilman made his debut on Comedy Central in July of this year in a program called 'Sleight of mouth'. He has previously appeared on Ellen.



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