Tuesday 18 June 2019

VIDEO: Talk about cross-dressing! Bizarre video emerges of dog walking and dressing as human girl

Jennifer McShane

A remarkable video of a dog taking a walk dressed head-to-toe in woman’s clothes has appeared online. Shot in china, the clever pooch was filmed walking on her hind legs for over two minutes wearing a red skirt, jumper, leg warmers and a woolly hat.

The dog appears happy enough to be taking a stroll, and even sports a cute backpack as she walks. The incident was caught and filmed on camera by the dogs clearly amused owners who are heard giggling throughout the 2-minute clip.


The dog appears unfased by the whole thing – and her quite fashionable attire – as she serenely continues to walk alongside her owner. The dog in question appears to be a little bored of the whole thing, as at one point in the video, she fails to suppress a yawn.  


The pooch seems to be dressed for quite an occasion, though where exactly she’s walking to is never revealed in the video.

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