Friday 20 September 2019

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When it comes to dog tricks, many pooches might sit, stay or roll over, but Jasper the King Charles Spaniel from the West of Ireland definitely has an act you haven't seen before.

The 18-month-old spaniel loves nothing more than a few puffs from his very own pipe. The habit has made Jasper a bit of a celebrity in his hometown of Glinsk in co Galway.

Jasper used to spend his days smoking his tobacco-less pipe alongside his owner and friend Padraic Sirr, however their days smoking together has recently come to an end after Padraic was diagnosed with diabetes.

Padraic told the Irish Mirror that he and his canine buddy have a great time chatting together.

Jasper and his pipe
Jasper and his pipe

“He gets fierce excited when I ask him where his pipe is and will jump up to the drawer on the dresser where we keep it, as he knows well where it is," he said.

“If I had time to train him I reckon he’d be on the telly as he’s incredibly intelligent and understands every word that is said to him."

Padraic, who also keeps hens and bees, says the spaniel might be curious as to why he'll be smoking alone from now on.

“I think it was by accident Jasper ended up with the pipe as he would have been copying me in the evenings when I’d be sat in the chair puffing away," he said.

Jasper and his pipe
Jasper and his pipe

“He probably won’t understand why I’m not doing it anymore but I doubt that will bother him as he’s never happier than when he has the pipe in his mouth.”

Padraic and Jasper
Padraic and Jasper

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