Thursday 22 August 2019

Throwback: Remember that happy Coca-Cola bear? Four years ago he helped this man propose to his girlfriend

Clare Cullen

Being the Christmas Coca-Cola bear must be the happiest job in the world.

Recently, a short clip of the world's happiest Coca-Cola christmas polar bear went viral, racking up over 800,000 views in two days.

However, four years ago, a Coca-Cola bear was involved in a Christmas proposal between Clarke Monroe and Kelly McPherson.

The two lovebirds went to the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia, where Monroe popped the question with the help of a (slightly stunned) polar bear.

McPherson posed with the bear for a photo when Monroe appeared to help her open a bottle of Coke. He handed her the cap and told her to look underneath it, where he had written 'will you marry me?'

The couple's first date was at the World of Coca-Cola and Monroe dropped to one knee with a sapphire engagement ring from Ascot Diamonds. The Coca-Cola bear fist pumped the air when McPherson said yes.

Monroe and McPherson Monroe are now married and have a baby daughter. They live in Kennesaw, Georgia.


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