Monday 23 October 2017

'Happy birthday you big gigantic egotistical monster' - Ryan Tubridy (43) pokes fun at himself

Ryan Tubridy gets cake from his colleagues during Facebook live video
Ryan Tubridy gets cake from his colleagues during Facebook live video
Amy Mulvaney

Amy Mulvaney

To mark the end of season for The Late Late Show, Ryan Tubridy recorded a 13 minute long live Facebook video, where he had the audience and producers alike squirming at what he was going to say next.

The video has been viewed over 17,000 times since it was posted on Thursday, where the presenter spoke about his favourite moments of the season, the Toy Show, and was presented with a cake for his birthday.

“You know my feelings about this sort of thing,” he said when he was given a cake and candles during the video.

“Happy birthday to me, happy birthday you big gigantic egotistical monster,” he sang to himself.

“First of all, I hate cakes in the office, it drives me mad.”

“That’s taxpayers’ money!” he then said laughing, before the woman behind the camera responded, “No, we pooled together!”

The highest-earning presenter in RTE will celebrate his 43rd birthday on Saturday, after The Late Late Show rounds up its current season on Friday night.

“What an inconsequential age,” he remarked.

“Anything happen to anyone at 43? No, that’s the answer.”

Tubs went on to talk about our favourite episode of the show year after year, The Late Late Toy Show, and revealed that this year’s show is already in the works.

“We’re already planning the Toy Show for next year. It’s not even next year, it’s this year,” the Booterstown native said.

“We even have a theme, do you wanna know what it is?” he teased, before pulling away from thecamera.

“Nah, never gonna happen, that’s gonna be fun,” he grinned.

He listed his interview with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, the Valentine’s date night show and Richard Gere’s performance among some of his favourite moments of the season.

“The dating show was really fun because it was just bonkers and also it gave the world Deano,” he said.

To finish, Tubs told viewers that he was heading for lunch with past presenter of the longest running chat show in the world, Gay Byrne.

“I’m going to lunch now with Mr Gay Byrne. I’ll go down, get more wisdom from the great man himself. One of the privileges of life knowing him,” he said reflectively.

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