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Explain this: Internet baffled as mysterious force tosses around cars

A strange clip has emerged appearing to show three cars being knocked into the air by an unknown force as they meet at a busy crossroads.

The bizarre moment was caught on film in the city of Xingtai in central China and shows the vehicles being pulled upwards before one is rolled onto side.

Confused pedestrians can be seen stepping back as the cars are lifted aggressively into the air.

The video has been viewed more than 50,000 times on since appearing on LiveLeak and it has left many users baffled to explain the strange occurrence.

However, eagle eyed viewers of the clip will notice that when the cars flip into the air, a large truck can been seen to the right of the screen turning away from the crossroads.

“It's being caused by a downed line being dragged by the truck on the right,” one user writes.

“Just watch the reaction of a pedestrian as he runs up to the truck warning of the problem and stopping the truck.”

Another wrote: 'The truck on the right snags a cable that is loose on the ground and lays across the road.

“The truck starts to move pulling the cable tight and the cable goes up and moves all three vehicles.”

Chinese media reports confirmed the explanation, saying that the incident was caused by a piece of steel cable, which was caught up in the brush of a street sweeper.

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