Monday 23 September 2019

VIDEO: Irish woman finds her third ‘Twin Stranger’ in the space of six months

Niamh (right) pictured with her 'Twin Stranger' Irene Adams (left)
Niamh (right) pictured with her 'Twin Stranger' Irene Adams (left) Newsdesk Newsdesk

An Irish woman who launched a mission to find doppelgangers around the world six months ago has located her third ‘twin stranger’.

Niamh Geaney (26) from Dublin launched a journey to find other women who look eerily like herself in a project called Twin Strangers and has now managed to locate three doppelgangers.

First, Niamh met Karen Branigan and staged a photoshoot which succeeded in going viral and weeks later she located her Italian doppelganger Luisa Guizzardi.

Irene Adams (26) from Sligo is Niamh’s third twin stranger and the pair have met up to document their uncanny likeliness.

Speaking about meeting Niamh, Irene, 26, said: "I was out shopping and a girl from school who I hadn't talked to in years was telling me about this "Doppelganger girl" all over YouTube that was my twin. I hadn't heard about the project so I went home and - out of curiosity- looked it up.

'"I then received a Facebook friend request from Niamh and a funny message about how she thought we looked alike. I was intrigued so decided to meet up with her."

Twin Strangers: Andrea and Luisa
Twin Strangers: Andrea and Luisa

"Aside from the facial and physical similarity - the way our eyes crinkle when we smile, the way our nose crinkles, the way our hair is the exact same colour - we both actually move the same way.

"We are both extremely enthusiastic about things and both share the same sarcastic sense of humour. We have a similar adventurous approach to life - we could be sisters!"

In the video, the twin strangers meet up with Niamh’s biological sister who is stunned by the pair’s likeliness.

Niamh hopes to continue her search for twin strangers until she has racked up six doppelgangers.

Niamh Geaney and Karen Branigan who are twin strangers
Niamh Geaney and Karen Branigan who are twin strangers

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