Sunday 18 August 2019

Uncanny: Irish man imitates famous celebrities from hospital bed

Clare Cullen

Irish joker Al Foran filmed himself imitating famous celebrities from his hospital bed after a recent trip to A&E.

The video has been viewed over 65,000 times on Facebook since it was posted on Friday. Reaction to the clip has been positive with viewers writing that they were "howling laughing" during the short clip.

Speaking to, Foran explained that he "almost collapsed" on Friday morning and "had to be sent to Beaumont". Foran has a pacemaker and was sent to hospital by his GP after recording a high-heart rate and a "dose of tonsillitis".

While he was there, he recorded himself doing what he does best and posted it to his Facebook page.

"I've been doing impressions and comedy in general since I was a young lad taking off my relatives at all the dos".

"The whole gist of the page is that these different celebrities, footballers and politicians are living in my house".

Foran is leaving his current job to focus on his comedy full-time.

"I had my first gig when I was 18 in Portmarnock... I'm leaving my job next week to pursue this as a career... I have gigs coming up over Christmas".

Foran adds that his family are often in his videos "to provide a bit of authenticity", explaining "Mam visited Robert DeNiro, Mark Wahlberg, Conor McGregor, Al Pacino and Mike Tyson in the hospital tonight".

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