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YouTube vlogger gets into 'fight' at the VMAs over #BlackLivesMatter


YouTube vlogger and MTV presenter Franchesca Ramsey got into a heated argument at the VMAs following a segment relating to the 'Black Lives Matter' movement.

Ramsey, who is known as 'Chescaleigh' online, filmed the altercation and posted it to her YouTube channel.

Speaking from her hotel room after the incident, she told her fans "I can't believe we got in a fight".

Showing the footage from the heated argument, she can be seen attempting to explain why the campaign is called 'Black Lives Matter' to a man who is saying "don't go there" and covering his ears. His wife chimes in, saying "Oh my god... this is not the time or place".

Ramsey explained that two of the actors from Empire had stood up to speak about police brutality and why the 'Black Lives Matter'  movement is important, to which Ramsey claims the man next to the couple said "bullsh*t".

Ramsey's husband Patrick explained how the confrontation escalated.

"During the commercial break... I pretty much said, 'don't let me hear you say that again'.. he stood up as if to fight".

Ramsey said she told the stranger that it was "mad disrespectful for you to say 'All Lives Matter' when the 'Black Lives Matter' movement is about police brutality against black individuals".

"Just saying no, this is about racism and about how black people are treated... for him to put his hands over his ears".

"I wasn't trying to be nasty or disrespectful, I took out my camera because he was getting in my face".

"It just goes to show you that it's scary to talk about this in real life.... but it's necessary".

Ramsey started life on YouTube with her channels 'Chescaleigh' and her natural hair channel 'chescalocs'. She now presents 'MTV Decoded' on MTV News and YouTube. She joined other popular vloggers who made the transition to MTV through their online channels, including Laci Green, who now presents MTV's 'braless'. 

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