Friday 23 August 2019

'You were fast-paced and wild' - Blogger pens moving open letter to her home city of Dublin

Chistina Kenny who penned the open letter to Dublin
Credit: Twitter/@Christins1Kenny
Chistina Kenny who penned the open letter to Dublin Credit: Twitter/@Christins1Kenny

Sarah-Jane Murphy

A blogger has written a moving open letter to her home city, Dublin, expressing the positive effect that it has had on her life.

Christina Kenny (21) is a PhD student, currently living in Belfast while she obtains her qualification in cystic fibrosis research.

She uses her blog, SaltyGirlAndDaughter, to discuss her beloved mother's battle with cystic fibrosis.

Her mother, Alison (45), who was diagnosed with the condition when she was four-years-old, also writes on the blog sharing her experiences and adventures with others.

Christina recalls leaving Dublin on a wet October evening and says she didn't expect to feel homesick for the place she called home.

She admits that during her life there were times "when I didn’t like you. There was time when I didn’t understand you. There was a time when you chewed me up and spat me out."

However she acknowledges that the capital city was ever-present during the rough periods of her life to-date.

"You were there when I was scared, wandering through the streets in the early hours. You were there for the melt-downs and the storms. You were there to witness the mean boys and shaping adventures."

Equally, Christina notes that Dublin was where many of her best life experiences took place.

"You were there for my first kiss with a boy that later stole my heart. You were there for the laughter. You were there for the eight gallons of Bewleys hot chocolate and the O’Connell Street kiosk donuts.

"You were there for the unbreakable bonds of friendship that were formed. You were there for the moment my roommate turned into my best friend," she writes.

She pays tribute to the city for supporting her when she needed it most.

"When I first met you I was broken. I was looking for a new beginning and you gave me just that. You were fast-paced and wild and I needed that."

Christina ends by thanking Dublin for all that it has provided her with.

"I took you for granted. I let life cheapen my opinion of you. I see that now. I’m sorry. I’ll be back.

"Right now I am in a new city. It isn’t the same. It has yet to beguile me. It has yet to enchant me. Thank you. For all of it. I needed it," she writes.

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