Monday 26 August 2019

You think your work is bad? Redditor shares story of co-worker smearing obscenities in faeces

Businessman having stress in the office
Businessman having stress in the office

A reddit user shared a story of co-worker relationship breakdown on the highest scale.

The user wrote that they have been working at their company for about four years. One particular co-worker had lately been acting "a little off and kind of weird".

During some construction works on the third floor, the anonymous user spotted this co-worker coming out of the ladies' bathrooms on the now-abandoned floor. He was "confused" but didn't say anything, assuming that the bathrooms on the man's floor above were full or that his co-worker may have had "gender issues" he wasn't aware of.

He wrote that later that day the entire company was made aware that someone had smeared feces on the walls of the ladies bathroom on the third floor.

"There was not only a mess in the middle of the floor but the feces was smeared all over the walls, with a greeting for our office manager written in fecal matter on the mirrors". There were also obscenities scribbled in the mess, aimed at the female manager of the floor.

The original post was one month ago, and just last night the user came back on to update the community.

"The other day, (the female manager) came to work and found a huge dump right in the middle of her cubicle".

He explained that working cameras were now in place on the third floor, and his co-worker was spotted by the cameras three hours before he was due to start work. "Soiled rags and a filthy t-shirt" were found in his cubicle by Security.  The man has been moved off-site "pending a HR investigation".

Other users have taken to sharing their own work horror stories in the comments, and they make for some interesting reading.

Anecdotes include co-workers who "soiled the floor of the bathroom on a weekly basis" (dubbed the "bathroom bandit" by the staff), "lots of people taking baths in the sinks" and "having a woman dressed up as a fairy come to take away the man of her dreams. She was his stalker".

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