Tuesday 15 October 2019

What to do when your toddler locks your iPad for 47 years

A toddler getting to grips with a tablet. Picture posed
A toddler getting to grips with a tablet. Picture posed
A toddler with a tablet (Stock picture)

We've all been there - you need five uninterrupted minutes to make a cup of tea or accomplish some other menial task so you hand your toddler your iPad.

However, one parent discovered that this move comes with risks when his three-year-old locked the device for a whopping 25,500,000 million minutes.

That's almost 47 years.

Journalist Evan Osnos, based in Washington DC, took to Twitter to share the news and ask for help in unlocking his iPad before almost five decades have passed.

On Apple devices the time the handset is locked increases with each incorrect entry and his toddler had entered it incorrectly multiple times.

"Next time just give the kid the passcode" advised one Twitter user.  Another quipped, "I would just wait it out" and yet another helpfully said "put it in a bag of rice", while others suggested rebooting the three-year-old or travelling back in time.

More positive responses included one from a man who said he had "been there and done that" adding "it will come good in an hour or so".

However, someone who worked as an Apple Genius said it was the work of an older operating system and the "only way to get around it is an erase".

In this case Apple support says that if you enter the wrong passcode too many times you'll be locked out and your device is disabled and all data erased. 

You can recover use of the device by removing the passcode and performing a restore (you connect to iTunes and force restart it). 

If you backed up your device you can restore your data and settings after restoring your device.  If not, you lose your data.

"That’s a good reminder to back up our devices if they contain important material. Hope it’s not too late for you." wrote one Twitter user.

Let it be a lesson to us all.

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