Tuesday 18 June 2019

What is the Bird Box Challenge and why has Netflix asked people to stop?

Sandra Bullock in Bird Box
Sandra Bullock in Bird Box
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Since Bird Box landed on Netflix over the festive period it has been causing quite a stir.

Firstly, Netflix released viewing figures for the film, which stars Sandra Bullock, stating that it was watched by 45 million accounts in its first seven days on the streaming service.

Netflix does not usually release these figures, and their decision to do so in this instance has come under fire in some quarters for the lack of context.

The film also indirectly generated laughs courtesy of Kim Kardashian, who watched it and then asked social media if anyone else had seen it.

The film sees Bullock star as a woman struggling to survive after mysterious creatures/demons/unidentified beings suddenly appear across the world and cause people who look directly at them to violently kill themselves.

Pregnant when they first arrive, she then spends five years largely blindfolded with her son and adopted daughter before embarking on a perilous journey to find sanctuary.

Now the Bird Box Challenge is sweeping across social media as people don blindfolds and attempt to navigate their lives without sight.

Given it is an inherently risky endeavour, Netflix US has requested that people refrain from taking part.

Some people are attempting the challenge at home, while others are outdoors and in public spaces.  Most are making fun of the challenge, and themselves, while others believe it is offensive to blind people.


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