Thursday 19 September 2019

Were you fooled by Dublin Fire Brigade's new blue helmets?

Not everyone remembered it was April Fools'

PIC: Dublin Fire Brigade
PIC: Dublin Fire Brigade

Sarah Slater

Dublin Fire Brigade officers could not let April Fools' Day pass without having some fun by adding a bit of sparkle to their helmets.

The brigade posted a newly designed helmet on their Facebook page, saying they had been told by the public, through a consultation process, the yellow on the helmet needed to change because it was too similar to the colours on fire appliances and ambulances.

They said the yellow helmets were to change to blue.

The post, which many fell for, said: "From today you will notice the look of our firefighters changing slightly. After a consultation process, we are replacing our yellow helmets with these blue helmets."

Assistant Commissioner Fire Officer Gucci remarked: "We chose this particular shade of blue to match our blue warning lights. It is an exciting time for Dublin Fire Brigade.

"A consultation process was initiated after several observations saying our yellow helmets clashed with the yellow of the stripes on the fire appliances and our yellow ambulances. We couldn't let a fashion faux-pas like this go unchallenged.

"The helmets are the same standard of our previous helmets. However, the integrated lights have been upgraded to include an extra sparkle."

One unsuspecting individual wrote: "Oh no, we love the yellow, the yellow is like a beacon, it's like a safety colour," and "Nearly... nearly forgot what day it was. A blue sparkling helmet, well thank God for April fools."

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