Tuesday 20 August 2019

WATCH: White man and his Asian girlfriend subjected to racial abuse as they travelled on a train

Sarah-Jane Murphy

A white man travelling on a train with his Asian girlfriend was subjected to a torrent of racial abuse.

Christopher Raymond Hall and his girlfriend recorded the incident and uploaded it to YouTube where it's gone viral with over 207,000 views.

The couple were passengers on the Taiwanese Metro when a stranger repeatedly called Christopher "ugly" and labelled his girlfriend "a fu**ing wh**e".

"When he said this, I have to admit it affected me.

"Also, I’ve been with my girlfriend for a long time – many years.

"To hear someone say that to her… I will get upset," Hall said.

According to the couple the alleged abuser began to stare as he sat opposite them in the train carriage.

They decided to move seats as they felt uncomfortable, only for the man followed them.

He then began to hurl vile abuse at the pair.

The couple handed the video to the police, but it took them over three weeks to look at the case – so Christopher posted it to YouTube.

After just one day of it being on the video-sharing website, the abuser was found and arrested.

"Thank you so much for your support everyone," Christopher wrote.

"Because of all of you, the man in my video has already arrived at Da-an Police Staiton."

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