Sunday 20 October 2019

WATCH: Vultures wear GoPro cameras to spot illegal rubbish from the sky in Peru Newsdesk Newsdesk

Vultures in Peru have been kitted out with GoPro cameras to track down illegal waste dumps in Lima.

Ten of the scavenger birds have been trained to monitor the city from the sky in order to ensure city residents are complying with waste management regulation.

The 10 birds are part of the 'Vulture Detect' programme and are even kitted out with purpose-designed vests to do their duty.

A new television and radio campaign has been launched in the South American country, aiming to depict the vultures as heroes who are cleaning up the city, rather than pests.

Although the giant birds are mainly dreaded by Lima's residents, their trainer Alfredo Correa said that reputation could soon change.

"Generally the majority of people have a negative view of the vulture, which is associated many times with death and many negative things.

"They don't realise that (vultures) play a very important role in nature, especially in Lima as they're helping a lot to control a large quantity of the rubbish we're dumping."

Lima currently has four main landfills and numerous illegal dumps, which much of the capital's rubbish finding its way into rivers and other environmental sites.

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