Sunday 18 August 2019

WATCH: The Rock sends uplifting message to Irish fan (15) battling cancer

The Rock posted a video for an Irish fan battling cancer
The Rock posted a video for an Irish fan battling cancer

Sasha Brady

Hollywood actor Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has reached out to an Irish fan who is battling cancer.

The pro-wrestler-turned-actor takes full advantage of being famous by supporting good causes and reaching out to fans. His Instagram account is filled with videos of him doing random acts of kindness and basically being an absolute gent.

On Thursday the 44-year-old sent recorded a video message for an Irish fan who is battling Stage Four cancer.

Tommy Hanley, brother of former GAA and current Aussie Rules player Pearce Hanley, is a massive fan of The Rock and word of his illness reached the Hollywood star. The Rock shared his video on Instagram in which he wished the Mayo teenager well and shared some advice.

"Tommy, you're 15 years old and I'm talking to you, buddy. You're in Ireland. You're a massive fan of mine and I appreciate that, I think it's so cool and so inspiring. You also have stage four cancer, and you're in the fight of your life," Johnson said.

"I'm told I have to remind you to eat to give you strength. You have to rest to give you strength. I'm told you have family coming in from Miami, Brisbane and London who are going to be by your side during the holidays.

"I was also told that at 11 months old, you were a foster child and this family took you in, and just last week, you wanted to change your name from O'Connor to Hanley, in honour of this family. In honour of your family.

"So I'm pulling for you man, I appreciate you being a fan, happy holidays and merry Christmas Tommy, stay strong," he said.

In the caption accompanying the video, the actor wrote: "I already know so much about you and can tell you're an awesome, honorable and strong young man. Make sure you eat up dude and get your rest. Those two things are gonna help you stay strong during this fight.

Johnson signed off in the caption as "Uncle Rock aka Dwanta Claus".

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