Tuesday 19 March 2019

WATCH: 'The most talented brothers in Ireland' give us one last dance before big move to America

The Byrne Brothers of Donegal are set for America

Jason Kennedy and Kathy Armstrong

They may be young, but the sensational Byrne brothers are getting ready to blow America away with their music and dance talents.

Donegal natives Luca (13), Finn (11) and Dempsey (8) are bidding farewell to Ireland to try and break America after millions of people watched their video on Independent.ie and their own Facebook page.

Luca (13), Finn (11) and Dempsey (7)

The young brothers will have one last performance in Donegal before spending most of next year in America. The family will be based in Orlando, where they well be spending a few months performing in Disney World's Raglan Road pub.

"So the plan is we start off in Raglan Road in Disney - an amazing Irish pub that has Irish music and dancing going on all day long - and then we're going to be doing the big Irish festivals all over the States," their father Tommy Byrne told Independent.ie.

"We're going to get an RV and we're going to tour up and down the east coast and then go over to California and then to Gran Canyon. It's going to be a real adventure. We can't wait."

We brought them to Temple Bar Square to give us one last dance of 2017.

To see where the boys are performing next year,  visit their Facebook page here.

Donegal natives Luca (14), Finn (12) and Dempsey (9)
Donegal natives Luca (14), Finn (12) and Dempsey (9)

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