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Watch the moment Australian man sleepwalks off the top of hotel roof... and survives

This is the moment a 25-year-old Australian man sleepwalked off the top of his holiday hotel building… and survived.

Scott Mackay was on a recent holiday in Thailand when he took an elevator to the sixth floor in his sleep.

CCTV footage shows Mackay repeatedly trying to get one leg over the ledge of the roof of the Phuket hotel before finally slipping off the edge.

“I sort of walk around and I go over next to the edge and I sort of struggle even to get over the ledge because I'm so asleep I guess,” Mackay told Channel Seven’s Today Tonight.

“I'm not even trying to do anything, and then next thing I'm just, no hesitation, it's like I'm jumping over a tiny little wall.”

Mackay miraculously survived the fall, but suffered multiple facial fractures and a broken jaw. He also punctured his lung, broke his hand and had bleeding in his kidney and blood clots in his legs.

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