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Watch: Some crabs caught the train in Toronto and it caused one heck of a drama

The cheeky crustaceans took a seat each on a jam-packed rush hour service.


Some live crabs have been spotted catching the train in Toronto.

The travelling crustaceans were spotted on a Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) train heading southbound on Line 1.


Witness Kristine Hughes told local news the train was “jam packed” in rush hour, yet the crabs had a seat each.

“My friend and I see that there are a bunch of random seats that are open and as we got closer, we saw there’s crabs on each of the seats, and there’s a man sitting there who put them all there,” Hughes told CBC Radio.

Hughes said in the end a woman, who initially screamed when she saw the crabs, came along to take charge of the situation.

“She smacked each crab off the seats so hard that they landed in someone’s lap and on another person’s feet and stormed off,” said Hughes.

Hughes said the man was visibly upset and shouted after the woman, saying “that was crab assault” – before picking both crabs up and placing them back on their seats.

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CBC report Toronto police are not investigating the incident as spokesperson Gary Long said there is nothing criminal about bringing crabs onto public transport.

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