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Watch: RTE adds another blunder to its news blooper archives


Eileen Dunne on RTE News

Eileen Dunne on RTE News

Eileen Dunne on RTE News

National broadcaster RTE suffered a slight blunder this evening as viewers watched newsreader Eileen Dunne wait patiently for her return to camera.

Not realising the camera was once again focusing on her, the well-known newsreader sat quietly waiting for her cue.

Live television is never easy and the national broadcaster has experienced a few news bloopers in its time.

Celebrity MasterChef runner-up Aengus MacGrianna became an instant internet sensation after footage of him touching up his make-up and fixing his tie was aired accidentally on RTE's digital news channel in 2013.

Mac Grianna told the Herald that he has experienced fame on another level since the incident.

“It's certainly changed things, there's not doubt about that. There's a higher level of interest in me now, and you just have to acknowledge that,” he said.

“There are good and bad sides to it, mostly people just want to say hello and get a photograph. So mostly it's not intrusive.”

Sharon Ni Bheolain was also captured live on the news programme pulling an 'unimpressed' face at one of the show's segments.

When she realised she was on air, she continued to read the news, subject to a few stifled giggles.

Denise O'Donoghue was quick enough to capture the Vine

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