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Friday 6 December 2019

WATCH: Restaurant workers celebrate winning $1 billion lottery... but they were given the wrong numbers

Staff were sure they had won the coveted prize.
Staff were sure they had won the coveted prize.

Jason Kennedy

The moment a number of restaurant workers in New Jersey thought they had won a $1 billion jackpot has been caught on camera - after they were sent the wrong numbers.

These restaurant workers at Grissini’s, Englewood Cliffs were over the moon when they were told a syndicate of 42 of them just scooped the Powerball Lottery worth €877 million.

The video, which the restaurant published on their own YouTube channel, show staff dancing, cheering and celebrating, as they believe they've scooped a cool €22 million each.

Sadly, their joy was short-lived, as it was revealed they had actually been celebrating winning with last Wednesday's numbers, not the most recent draw.

One of the workers, Charles Povermo, told the New York Post that discovering they had won nothing was "like getting punched in the stomach".

"For 20 minutes it was real."

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