Wednesday 17 July 2019

WATCH: Not the greatest of escapes - Cat's epic fail as he tries to dodge the vet

The kitty realises his mistake
Credit: Imgur/natsdorf
The kitty realises his mistake Credit: Imgur/natsdorf

Sarah-Jane Murphy

This is the face a cat makes when he realises there's just no escaping the vet.

This frisky feline attempted to wriggle out of his lead and abscond from the vet's examination table.

However things didn't exactly go to plan, as the furry fellow soon realised.

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Anyone who has descended a ladder from a great height knows the feeling of seeking out terra firma for what feels like an eternity.

His facial expression seems to reflect the fact that he knows he's in an unenviable position.

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Even though he didn't succeed in dodging the vet we still give him full marks for effort.

The video has been viewed a whopping 3.7 million times on website Imgur.

Bravo kitty!

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